Interior Design House

Our professional team offers a wide range of luxury design services including full-service interior design, renovation projects, home styling, interior architecture consultation and integrated smart design.We use years of design experience to realise our clients’ goals by carefully interpreting the design brief, developing a unique design proposal and executing the design beyond expectations—making the ordinary extraordinary.With experience in both the residential and hospitality sphere, our team is skilled to tackle any type of interior design project, large or small, near or far.

Furniture Design – Extraordinary interiors may call for bespoke furniture which is why we offer a custom furniture service for our discerning clients.To design and manufacture extra special furniture designs for our clients, we commission the best the industry has to offer in the form of proven and reliable product designers and artisans.Whether built-in cabinetry or a unique custom-made furniture piece, we guarantee that we will create the perfect piece for your project when the right thing just can’t be found.

Sourcing & Styling – We know that finding the right furniture and decor can be time-consuming and logistically challenging. Our sourcing and styling service allows our busy private clients and hospitality partners to leave this task to us.Supported by our inhouse buying team, we have the ability to search the online and offline catalogues of the world’s finest furniture and decor brands for the pieces that are just right.The result for our clients is successful, layered interiors with compelling design stories and none of the hard work.

Project Management – Our project management services ensure that all of our design projects progress efficiently, smoothly and finish on time and on budget.All projects—whether big or small—are given the same LuxDeco Studio attention to detail.From storing furniture at our warehouse to quality checking all items before delivery and from communicating with other contractors to overseeing furniture installation, our team is well-trained in matters of successful project development.

Design & Visualise – We love helping our clients envision the end result, wherever they are around the world, and we believe that there is no better way to convey a project’s journey than through concept design and visualisation.Using a combination of time-honoured techniques—including mood boards, sketches and sample boards—and utilising the latest industry tools and digital technology to create high quality renders, we transform abstract interior design briefs into polished visual representations.With these concept designs in place, our clients can be confident that we will realise their dream with exactness.

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