Lead Generation

Selling can be daunting a task, investments in hiring resources, databases and the lead time to close
the deals can have a significant financial impact on organizations. For Startups and mid-sized
businesses, this can drain down the resources and impact their ability to invest in product
development or impact their expansion plans.
This generally results in significant pressure on the sales team and business leaders to deliver results
immediately. Parallelly, digitization of content, ability to do online research, and changes in buying
behaviour have made the sales landscape unpredictable and make the sales cycle lengthier.
CREWNITED’ Sales as a Service helps organizations to reduce their investment in sales significantly
by leveraging a team of experts who can help the brand to reach out to the relevant target audience,
build a lead pipeline and close deals. By working as an extension of your team we can enable you to
reach newer markets, expand your target audience, create an omnichannel customer engagement
program and help you close deals.
We manage your complete Lead Generation, leveraging your technical expertise for product demos
while you continue to follow up with clients, nurture the leads and close the deal and ready to sign
the contract.

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